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Commemorative Opportunities

We invite you to add your name to the list of generous donors that have sponsored a trail or adopted an acre of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm and in doing so have helped preserve and protect one of the area’s treasures. If you are interested, contact Mike Ware at 603.524.1843 or one of our other Trustees to discuss these opportunities.    

Sponsor-A-Woodland-Trail: Your donation will significantly help ensure the preservation of one of our beautifully groomed trails in our 187 acre multiple use woodland habitat. Sponsorship in perpetuity is $10,000 for each trail. Two trails have been sponsored and we are looking for sponsors for the other six trails.

Blue Trail – Bank of New Hampshire
Betty & Dick’s Loop – Betty & Dick Persons

Adopt-an-Acre: Have your or your company’s name associated with the support of an acre of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm. The adoption fee is $1000 per acre and your name will be displayed prominently on a separate map on the property. If you would like you can spread the adoption fee over four years.

Click on the map and list of donors below to see which acres have already been adopted.











—Ramblin’ Vewe Farm is a 501(c)(3) organization

so your contribution is tax deductible—